Hoboken, Hudson County
3 Ways to Commute to NYC From Hoboken, Hoboken, New Jersey

One of the most convenient aspects of living in Hoboken is its proximity to New York City. Whether you’re crossing the Hudson for work or play, there are a ton of easy and affordable options at your disposal. If you’re planning to buy a house in Hoboken but still need easy access to the city, keep the following methods in mind. 

How to Conveniently Get to NYC From Hoboken

1. Carpooling

If you aren’t too fond of public transportation, carpooling provides a way to get to the city while also spreading out the costs. If you’re commuting for work, ask other people in your office who also live in or near Hoboken whether they’d like to form a carpool group. You can also check on social media to see if there are any existing groups in your area. 

2. Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) buy a house

For many Hoboken residents looking for a daily commuter option, the PATH train is their default option. The PATH runs 24/7, with four separate lines during weekdays and two running at night and on weekends. The blue line train will take you to 33rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, while the green line will take you downtown to the World Trade Center. 

3. NY Waterway Ferry

If you prefer to admire the city on your way across the Hudson, the iconic NY ferry is a great option. It departs from Port Imperial in neighboring Weehawken, and the voyage is a brisk eight minutes. You can park your vehicle at the secure garage before catching the ferry, which runs every 20 minutes until 11:30 pm.