Why Your Apartment Search Should Include Access to Lime® Scooters

Hoboken, Hudson County
Why Your Apartment Search Should Include Access to Lime® Scooters, Hoboken, New Jersey

As you navigate your city looking for the right apartment, safe and convenient public transportation is just as much of a priority. If buses, taxis, and subways aren’t your preferred ways of getting around, Lime® scooters could offer the customized commute you seek. 

Reasons to Live Near Lime Scooters

One of the benefits of living in a area that offers scooters is convenience. With the click of a mobile app, you rent one and ride it to work or other nearby spots. When you reach your destination, simply leave the scooter away from pedestrian traffic. 

real estate agentThe cost to rent a scooter is relatively inexpensive compared to using public transportation or ride-sharing. You won’t have to worry about paying parking fees or feeding meters every hour, since your usage is prepaid through the app. 

When you ride a Lime scooter, you’re also helping to reduce fossil fuel damage caused by vehicles and other modes of transport. The scooters use less gasoline and don’t emit as much exhaust as larger forms of transportation.

Tips for Riding Scooters

More cities are allowing scooter companies to establish access in downtown areas, where apartment complexes are more prevalent. To help keep the arrangement amicable and safe for everyone involved, it’s essential to follow several courtesy tips.

Always ride with traffic and on the right side of the street to avoid collisions with pedestrians, vehicles and other structures. You can use bike paths as needed. Do not ride on the sidewalk, and always obey the speed limit of 18 miles per hour